Expect the unexpected – problems you might face

Even though London is an amazing city, you might face some common problems during your time here. Try to stay calm, don’t make any impulsive decisions and ask others for help.

  • Many volunteers told us that they had difficulties opening a bank account. It really depends on the bank and branch you choose. Sometimes going there again the next day to talk to a different employee or trying a different branch could be helpful. Having a look at the vocabulary you might have to use in the bank beforehand could help to make you feel more confident. We were told that if you have a Barclay’s account, you will get the Kaspersky antivirus software for free.
  • After the exciting first days or even weeks you might start to feel a bit lonely in this strange country. The best thing to do when you are homesick is to leave the house and to find something fun to do. With so many things going on here in London, all you need to do is to check online, leave the house and enjoy yourself!
  • It’s easy to feel lonely in a big, anonymous city like London. We’ve all been there and we know how hard it can be to make new friends. You might find the information in the blog entry about settling in helpful.
  • London is known for its high rate of stolen mobile phones. One of the strategies they use is grabbing someone’s phone when they drive past them on a motorbike.  Despite being careful and aware, if you are unlucky here’s what to do:

→ report the theft to the police:


→ check if your phone was insured

→ you might be able to find good offers online or in smaller shops

It’s important to keep your contact information safe and to have a place to go to if something happens.

  • Please be careful. Especially when you’re new in London, the traffic and the busy roads can be a bit overwhelming. So mind traffic lights and do not cross the street without checking for cars. London can be quite rough in areas so do not take any risks.

If you keep these things in mind, we’re sure you’ll have a fabulous time in London!


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