Time to eat – all about food

It’s time to talk about food. If you are as obsessed with food as we are, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on some English delicacies. One place to find these could be your local supermarket and there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping there. You should know that some supermarkets are more expensive than others and in general smaller products in smaller shops like „Sainsbury’s Local“, „Tesco express“, „Little Waitrose“ etc. are more expensive. Waitrose and M&S are the most expensive but they are environmentally friendly and could be worth a visit. With a loyalty card you can get a free coffee or tea at Waitrose once a day. Lidl, Aldi and ASDA are the least expensive but they can only be found in outer parts of London.

→ meal deals for £3, e.g. at Tesco or Sainsbury’s is always a good idea (sandwich/wrap, snack and drink)

→ getting a loyalty card might be a good idea as well

→ you can find lunchtime deals in the „London Evening Standard“, a free newspaper you can get at any tube station which has a list of deals

→ most supermarkets reduce their fresh products in the evening, keep an eye out for cheap offers


But you might want to eat out as well sometimes. Street food markets are a great place to try new things which are often reasonably priced. Another great tip is the Indian YMCA where you can get a low-priced, delicious Indian meal.

Going to the pub is a nice thing to do in the evening. Whetherspoons offer a range of cheap pub food and they are located all over London. There is a pub finder app available for Whetherspoons as well which could be helpful. Generally speaking, pubs and restaurants are cheaper in the outer parts of London than in the centre. In most pubs and restaurants you can get tap water quite often but not always without additional charge and „Soda & Lime“ is usually the cheapest soft drink you can get a in any pub. Enjoy your meal!


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