How not to look like a tourist

Hey there! We think behaving like a “real Londoner” may well be your greatest achievement during your time here. So we tried our best and came up with a few things you should avoid at all cost if you don’t want to be unmasked as a tourist.

When taking the escalator, DO NOT STAND ON THE LEFT. Stand on the right, walk on the left and ideally you could be really annoyed with anyone who isn’t used to this system.

Keep your distance, personal space is quite important in England. Don’t get too close to people on the escalator or in a queue.

Queue. Don’t barge in, you might get some dirty looks if you push in.

In London people tend to ignore pedestrian crossings which can be very dangerous. Please be careful and watch out for cars!

When you are on the tube or waiting for the tube don’t press the button to operate the door. You will look like a proper tourist if you do.

Don’t make eye-contact on public transport.

Don’t wait for the ticket barriers to close before you put your Oyster card on the reader, just wait for the orange light. As soon as it changes to green you can walk through the barrier.

60% of the people in London are not English, so chances are that quite a few people speak your native language. Don’t talk about other people and don’t assume that no one will understand you.

Good luck!





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